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 Clarity and Focus

Expert resources for the retirement you really want

Retirement Compass

Retirement Compass is an individually designed resource which reveals how to create fulfilment and pleasure in your retirement. It includes:

  • A personalised plan for a fulfilling retirement
  • A re-usable tool which makes it easy to adapt to later changing circumstances
  • Ongoing support with implementation meetings, discussion groups or individual consultations

Find out more about our Retirement Compass Corporate Edition or Retirement Compass for Individuals.

Vitality Plan

Your Vitality Plan will provide you with more vitality and protect your memory and thinking skills. It includes:

  • A personalised plan to keep you active and slow your ageing
  • A clear understanding about the ageing body, how to avoid chronic disease and manage your health
  • Ongoing support with strategies to keep you on course, and individual consultations, if desired

Find out more about developing your Vitality Plan.

Upcoming Retirement Compass Workshops: Early 2018. Contact us for details.

The Five Opportunities of Retirement

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